AC Milan 3-1 Dinamo Zagreb: Five things we learned

After their 2-1 win over Sampdoria, Milan were very excited to follow up on their Champions League victory over Dinamo Zagreb in the second round of the group stages.

The Rossoneri started well and dominated possession, but that failed to do so until the 45th minute when Rafael Leao won a penalty that Olivier Giroud converted to give his side the lead.

Leao continued to play the hero in the second half as he secured the assist for Alexis Saelemaekers’ goal after a solo brilliance to beat his leg and cross.

Dinamo Zagreb snatched back a goal through Orcic, but Milan had no intention of letting the game slip, and in the 77th minute it was Tommaso Pobiga who scored his first goal for the club to secure the win and move the Rossoneri to the top of Group E. Here are five things we’ve learned…

1. Lights, Camera, Action

Rafael Leao continues to shine and led his team to victory after winning the penalty kick and making the second goal, and it would be a shame if Pioli could not count on him in the next match against Napoli.

The Portuguese will need to maintain the level he set himself as his brilliance also represents a weakness for Milan due to their dependence on him. I hope that will change as the new players get back to their level, but Liao is the main threat at the moment.

However, Saelemaekers have been working hard on this right side especially in Europe.

2. Sally (still) the surprise

And speaking of Saelemaekers, the Belgian claimed the Man of the Match award against Red Bull Salzburg in the first match of the group stage and continued his fine form with another goal against Dinamo Zagreb. He received the same rating as Rafael Liao, Who Won Our MOTM Match Award This time around.

The Saelemaekers also had the same amount of dribbles as Leao and managed to be a pivotal part of the offense for his team. He has great stamina that allows him to help his teammates as well, as he covers a lot of ground.

The only negative in his game seems to be that on some occasions he lacks the precision to finish off an attack whether it’s a shot or a pass or not. However, since he managed to score two goals, we won’t be harsh on him as he is clearly working hard to improve this part.

3. Areas to be improved

Despite winning the match, Milan conceded a goal at a very poor time after taking a 2-0 lead, and we can say it was a bit sloppy due to a lack of focus at the back.

A lot of people can be blamed for having about six red and black players and only two opponents, but somehow that led to them scoring.

Mostly the blame lies with Tomori since he was watching Petkovic, but the striker managed to go and receive the ball at this point Kalulu was watching him, but Tomori did not stay in his position and decided to double down on Petkovic who found Orcic elegantly in the middle and with Tomori out of his position, it was from It’s relatively easy for the Croats to hit the net.

Such excessive aggression and lack of focus is relatively normal for young players and players who do not have any experience at the highest levels, but Milan need to learn from those mistakes and try not to repeat them if they want to go too far in the tournament, because the better sides will punish mistakes more.

4. Dominant midfield

Ismail bin Nasser was the mover on his side as he took part in almost every attack at night. The Algerian has finally found consistency after the 2021-22 campaign and seems as excited as everyone else to prove exactly how good he is.

Sandro Tonali also did a good job, but unlike the match against Sampdoria, he made way for Benacer to be the protagonist in the middle while he did more dirty work with a lot of running and grounding.

5. Pobega continues to grow

The Italian continues to improve with each match. This time he was sitting on the bench, but he was impressed after he came as he worked hard and helped his team achieve victory after a great strike, scoring his first goal for Milan.

The Italian had a shaky start in his first two appearances this season, but then he got better and better and doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping, and it’s great for Pioli that the decision to keep Pobega is paying off.