Abraham Lucas spoiled the big DK Metcalf day, and why it’s so good

Trying to find out about this game Seattle Seahawks lost to San Francisco 49ers Not so much an exercise in doodling as it is mastered in it.

This is not a year where we wonder why a team would hire four runners on the field at the same time and stop it. We have a life to live.

However she is Unusual A year to evaluate rookies, youth, individual fights and other more interesting things throughout the season.

There are countless dozen of these situations in every game, because the team has a couple of rookies, two rookie corners, a freshman starting quarterback, and a host of other new rookies on edge, safety, and kind of a midfield.

But the single best moment from week two was a play that wouldn’t count, due to all three players involved. The juniors go first.

Abraham Lucas

He really stood out against Denver Broncosvastly outperforms Charles Cross and looks like an instant start (he).

However, the rookie made the mistake of making his way straight to SportsCenter on Sunday, by forgetting the rules for the entire playing game.

This is the best reception at 52 yards DK Metcalf will ever claim. It came back because Lucas had more than one yard allowed by the NFL at the time of the pass.

My first thought was that Seattle might have gotten a job on a close call, but no, Lucas was seven yards off the ground, running across his leg like Michael O’Hare at Blindside.

Just the shortest moments here to also remember that Rashad Penny had a 23-yard run against Denver called up due to Abraham Lucas’ contract. That’s not really the point, but novices with talent learn the speed of both NFL opponents and the limitations of NFL officials is among the most contradictory and infuriating experiences for fans.

Lucas and Charles Cross will get 100% of the shots this year excluding injury, which is the best case scenario going forward. They are very talented players. They will see more talented impulsives, and their guards are not overly cooperative at the moment. It’s an experiment with fire, someone will burn (and burn again), and they would be a better team to do it.

Decalene Metcalfe

Metcalfe signed an extension with Seattle this off-season that made him the sixth highest paid recipient in the NFL. This made a good play for the team.

Quandre Diggs said post-match that this team isn’t who – which Good. Veterans know what’s up. Metcalf is the youngest person at that, but he also knows what’s up. He wanted to be here. Jeno Smith is not who – which Good. He still wants to be here. The team won’t win most of its matches this year. He still wants to go ahead and do big things.

It’s risky in the NFL to give a single player a large amount of your maximum salary. Players get hurt, and some never play again. Metcalfe has indicated that he is fiercely competitive and selfish at times, yes, but he never quit on the team.

What follows is also an occasional concern, as it was at the start of last season already. Mookie phrased it well:

However, even on a few passes that ensure there were no yards left after the catch, I was most encouraged by Metcalf’s tough catches. Quite a few of them already. Metcalf’s first two seasons were roughly defined by big plays and big lows. I can’t say he’s gone after a couple of weeks, but it seems like something he’s worked through in a big way this off season.

This plays into the second reason to encourage this play. This catch was the best Metcalf could have been, and we haven’t really seen him that much in three years. Sure, the Metcalf is this good, but I sometimes laughed at the hype because it didn’t actually make an OBJ catch, or had all that hard fishing volume/success.

But adjusting to a misplaced ball, disrespectful bullying of 5’11-inch Emmanuel Mosley, catching the ball with one hand.

Metcalf is already one of the top games and any little field he can improve on, whether it’s hunting this kind or just staying focused amid a mountain of helplessness this season cements his place at the top.

Jeno Smith

a look. That whole truth about the Smith universe First QB Throwing 80% and not scoring in 100 years will probably cause people not to watch some games this year. But as I said before, the most interesting thing about Geno is his apparent willingness to throw the “Go Get it DK” ball. I don’t think he’s good or creative enough to do it on his own, so coaches will have to make it happen, but he certainly seems frustrating to pull the trigger when they do.

This, unlike other players, has absolutely no bearing on current development or future success, but Metcalf’s 50-yard catch buys at least another 20 minutes of watching on most Sundays. I’m as disappointed as anyone that the first half of week one of Geno seems to be a mirage and the other six quarters are the real Geno Smith, but I’m still encouraged by the fact that it’s as likely to go bankrupt as Seattle does.