A Scottish footballer explains why it is important to do so

A professional footballer in Scotland has emerged as gay. Striker Zander Murray, 30, plays for Gala Viridian Rovers. The team plays in the Scottish Fifth Division Football League.

Murray said The pride of the stands He’s been out to family and friends since April 2021, but not to anyone in the football world.

However, he was asked to do so after attending his first Pride event. It was during a vacation in Benidorm, Spain.

“I decided to do it when I went to my first pride event,” he said. “I don’t usually go to Pride because I play soccer on the weekends, but I’ve been to Benidorm of all places and it was so cool. My friend took a picture and asked if she could post it on social media, and I usually can’t.

“I was talking to everyone except football, they were the only ones who didn’t know.

“I thought about it, and as we were walking back to the hotel I realized I might die tomorrow living a lie. I’d just be a number, because a lot of people would be living in closed houses. I was on the veranda, I put a post on Facebook and that was it.”

In homage to Justin Fashano

Zander Murray is the first gay male player in Scottish football (which has leagues separate from English football) since then Justin Fashano She played with Airdrie and Hearts in the mid-’90s.

England’s Fashanu was the first UK footballer to come out. He did so in 1990 and faced abuse from fans in the stands. He died by suicide in 1998.

Murray told his club website“I feel the weight of the world is now over on my shoulders.

“The players at the club have been very supportive. Before you go out, you think people are going to turn on you and you think the worst – the support has blown me away.”

Staying in the closet, he added, “is messing with my life.” He said: “I also want to help other players who are suffering from this because it is not easy for men, especially football players to deal with.”

Murray follows in the footsteps of teenager Jake Daniels, who plays for FC Blackpool in northern England. Daniels came out in May, becoming the first professional soccer player to do so since Fashanu.

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Xander Murray: ‘Gay footballers need role models’

Murray told Pride of the Terraces, “I feel so good, so good. There’s no cache anymore, just me and my organic self that I should have been in so long ago. I don’t look back anymore, so I’m happy.” It is very important to spread the word and support ending the stigma.”

Many offered their congratulations on social media. As expected, some questioned why he felt the need to come out. Murray took to Twitter to explain why publicizing his sexuality is so important.

Among the reasons he cited, he said, “Gay footballers in the UK need role models.

“The majority are terrified to go out to friends/family/colleagues (believe me a few of them actually communicated!). We need to break that fear, because the majority are right…because a lot of the audience just don’t care!”

“Eventually we’ll get to a place where this isn’t news.”