“99% of the time, I’m open”

Within two weeks, the leash was turned on Mitchell Trubesky It seems to be getting shorter, and the patience of the Steelers receivers is running out.

At least, this is how the rookie receiver George Pickens see it. After impressing in the preseason, the first-year passer from Georgia earned two passes for 26 yards in his first two NFL competitions. He believes it’s not a failure in execution, but a lack of opportunities to make a difference, telling reporters this week that he was open “90 percent of the time” in Pittsburgh’s second-week loss to New England.

“I only say that because I’m a huge guy who runs in less than 4.4 seconds,” Pickens said, Via Pittsburgh Tribune Review. “I always have a step on one person and my step is naturally longer than the other person, and I’m actually fast. I always (go) to a step and I always feel, 99 percent of the time, I’m open even though the ball gets there in the air and has (Defender) Time to catch up again…but I’m open once I get off the line. “

Pittsburgh scored 27 offensive points over two games, and Trubisky threw two touchdown passes. Both came from less than 10 yards. Trubisky’s passing streak two weeks later is far from remarkable: 42 of 71, 362 yards, two touchdowns, one interception and a 76.2 pass rating.

Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield Wednesday spent in lament His lack of productivity With a statistical output that mirrors that of Trubisky. Simply put, the guide wasn’t good enough to make dessert.

Pickens seems tired of the lack of opportunities offered by Trubisky’s decisions and offensive coordinator Matt Canada. The Steelers heard it loud and clear with Trubisky recognition “I can take pictures down” earlier, adding, “I think I can hunt 14 (picks) a lot more often.”

Canada echoed Trubisky’s desire to go to the Pickens more than the Steelers did in two weeks.

“I’d love to involve George more,” Canada said. “Those who have been in training and in camp know how talented he is.”

Talent didn’t equal production, at least up to this point. The Steelers have an excellent opportunity to correct the ship Thursday night when they travel to Cleveland to take on Brown, whose defense has been quite disorganized during two games, ranking 25th in passing defense and allowing Joe Flacco To light them up for 307 yards and four touchdowns last week. While the Steelers were forced to answer questions about their late offense, Brown spent the week avoiding blame for their repeated defensive mistakes.

The Steelers hope Brown will continue to struggle to hold it together defensively. In a short week, it’s their best chance yet to put their attack on the right track.

For Pickens, he hopes this will be the week that starts it all for him and Trubsky.

“I’m new, and he’s the new quarterback,” Pickens said. “I just go through my day, and run my way. The good thing about football is that you have another game, another drive. I take it one at a time. If you get the ball, that’s great. If I don’t, it’s great because you won’t You get the ball every time.”