8 podiums for the World Youth Cup and a teaser in Dakhla

8 podiums for the World Youth Cup and a teaser in Dakhla

By GKA Kite World Tour Sep 16 05:26 EST
September 27 – October 2, 2022

2022 Qatar Airways Kite World Cup for Youth Tarifa © Samuel Cardenas

Qatar Airways Youth Kite World Cup Tarifa 2022 Tombao, Tarifa, Spain: September 8-11

After four days of varied conditions including the popular Poniente and Levante wind directions for the test riders, the final results came in, spanning eight podiums across many age groups in both the Freestyle and Strapless-Freestyle disciplines.

The winners of the Kite-Surf (Freestyle Straps) are now the official GKA Youth Kite World Champions. The Freestyle riders are now looking forward to the final event to be held in Saint-Pierre-la-Mer in France, September 29-October 02, to determine the championship titles.

Full funny results here


GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Dakhla, Morocco September 27 – October 2

If there’s ever been a crew of riders forever hungry to compete and put on a show, they’re the Kite-Surf riders on the Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour!

Dakhla in Morocco has staged some epic competitions over the years. He was undefeated there for four years until Arton Cozulino knocked him out, and although Arton won the event again last year, he couldn’t stop Australian James Carew from doing enough to win his first world title there in 2021.

Meanwhile, can Nightmare Delanoe establish her position as a topless sensation to be overcome after an impressive win at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Championship in Tarifa earlier this season?

West Point is a great place for surfers who love to kite surf and we can’t wait to bring you all the action in a couple of weeks.

Taking place from September 27 to October 2, this will be the first round of the Kite-Surf sport, with the finals taking place in Thebes, Brazil in late November.

Find out more details about the Dakhla event on the official page of the live event

Ready for more than making up numbers!

As the event in Dakhla approaches, there are a few names that might jump out at you from the list of registered riders below. Of particular note are two of the riders being Qatar Airways’ youth GKA Kite-Surf champions, who culminated in Tarifa at the weekend: Gabriel Benetton and Camille Losrand.

On his GKA debut at the Big Air World Championships in Tarifa, you might remember 18-year-old Brazilian Gabriel working his way straight to the finals against Airton Cozzolino in his first event. Camille also finished second in the event, for Capucine Delanoe.


After Dakhla, the next three events of the season’s World Tour will be as follows:

  • Qatar Airways Free World Cup in NEOM, Saudi Arabia – October 19-23
  • Qatar Airways Free World Cup in Cumbuco, Brazil – November 8-12
  • Qatar Airways GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Thebes, Brazil – November 16-20

This will be the first appearance of the GKA event in Saudi Arabia. (In 2019, NEOM hosted the first international beach sports event, and this year the Qatar Airways Freestyle Football GKA Championship is one of the featured sports for the 2022 event, along with Super League Triathlon, beach soccer, 3×3 Super Quest basketball and Titan World Series Cycling.