62 and 700: Judge, Pujols close to home race milestones

Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols could make this week a milestone in running at home.

Judge hit two more On Sunday, he raised his season total to 59, two points short of Roger Maris’ MLS record. Now the hitter returns to Yankee Stadium, where New York will play its next six games. In the meantime, Pujols is fairly close to Homer’s 700 mark having scored 12 since the start of August.

The judge’s pursuit of Maris sparked controversy over how to put this AL record in context, should it be broken. Barry Bonds’ major league record of 73 is unlikely to threaten, but that mark, along with the exploits of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa around the same time, is complicated by suspicions of performance-enhancing drugs.

There is one way Judge is likely to beat both Bonds and Maris, no matter how many other teammates he beats. At the moment, he has an amazing 20-year lead over Kyle Schwarber, who is ranked second in the top spot. No one has led baseball in their teammates by at least 20 since Babe Ruth finished 54th in 1928 and no one else has had more than 31 players.

Maris led the bigs by just seven when he reached 61, and the Bonds topped nine when he reached 73.

Judge is also in the AL Triple Crown mix – he leads massively in homers and RBIs and is only one point behind batting leader Luis Arraez – but that won’t sort itself out until the end of the season.

The 42-year-old Pujols, who will retire at the end of the season, is trying to become the fourth major player to reach 700 wrecks, after Bonds, Henry Aaron and Roth. Unlike the judge, he won’t be going home this week. St. Louis’ next eight games on the road will be against the Padres, Dodgers and Brewers.

closure piece

Is it possible that the Padres will not go through the playoffs after having had a huge hit on Juan Soto’s deal? San Diego holds the second wild card in the National League at the moment, but Padres is only half a game ahead of Philadelphia and 2 1/2 ahead of Milwaukee.

San Diego is 24-20 since the beginning of August for a 0.545 win percentage – up from 57-46 (.553) before that. Soto has hit just 0.221 since joining Padres.

San Diego won the last three games of the series with Arizona, with Soto scoring his first home of the month on Sunday.

Trivia Time

Who is the latest player to lead the majors in races at home with double digits?

line of the week

While Schwarber is second in the main races with 39, Houston’s Jordan Alvarez is second only to Judge in AL with 37. Astros win 5-0 over Auckland.

Honorable Mention: In the same match, Justin Verlander returned from the injured list for Houston and threw five rounds without injury before being removed.

Return of the week

It’s actually a double dose this week.

On Tuesday night, the Texans fell behind Oakland 7-2 in the fifth before rallying to win 8-7. Mark Mathias solved twice, including a single shot in the ninth to win it. It was athletics 94.8% chance to win In the fifth inning, according to Baseball Savant.

The next night, the script flipped. Oakland defeated Texas 8-7 after the Rangers led 5-1 after four. Texas win odds peaked at 93.2%. The athletics team completed their comeback with a two-stroke at the top of ninth place, with the start signal showing a foul by Cory Seeger.

tria’s answer

Jose Bautista scored 54 times at home in 2010, and finished with a 12-time win over Pujols.


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