5 Dallas Cowboys 2022 Predictions Include CeeDee Lamb Breakout

There are a number of things to expect in every cowboy season. Heartbreak might be at the top of the list, but let’s try to stay optimistic early and cut back on five things we can expect from this season.

CeeDee Lamb Breakout

This is not an exciting experience by any stretch of the imagination, but Lamb sits on top List of separate candidates across the NFL, not just the cowboys. Lamb is probably at the top of that list with Michael Bateman Jr. and T. Higgins, poised for a high career in nearly every important statistical category. With Michael Gallup and James Washington out for a while, Lamb is touting both experience and skill over all the other poles currently on the depth chart. Even if they were to add racket or trade mid-season, nothing should stop Lamb from capturing 79 receptions and 1,102 yards from last season.

Mid-season turnout

Currently, this is It seems like a far-fetched idea. However, it makes sense when analyzing the current depth, or lack thereof, on the offensive side of the ball. Looking back on 2018, the Cowboys had a solid and consistent defense and needed some pop on the other side of the ball. Hi, Amary Cooper. Who will be the cooperative this year? There is a laundry list of people who can trade on a wide receiver who can raise the level of this crime and they have the venture capital to do so. If we see that the Cowboys offense is struggling early and week 5-6 comes and they sit at 0.500 or less, they can make a deal, maybe even a “high turnout”.

Feed your costume!

Don’t be surprised if Zeke topped 237 rush attempts from last year. In 2021, he saw a career dip in rush attempts and a dip in receptions and a yard for every catch. While this is the most experienced offensive line running behind and away, he should remain key gear and lead the team in touches all season. We should also see a fair share of Tony Pollard this year both on the backcourt and wide, but is there a target share of Cowboys fans? is unlikely. 21 is still driving that backfield and will be a focal point in 2022.

Let Linebackers roam

This might be the most overlooked situation on the Cowboys list. Micah Parsons is clearly a bright spot and on top List of best defensive player of the year. Simultaneously, Gabriel Cox He shone in pre-season and is another breakthrough candidate for defence. In addition to the Anthony Barr and the entire Leighton Vander Esch spa room, this back room is both deep and multidimensional. Don’t be surprised to see Parsons rush into passersby more than last year with Cox and Barr hauling passersby. It’s fun time for Cowboys LBs!

That Prescott 100+ Quarterly

Duck has only realized the quarterback’s 100+ rating in two seasons, his rookie year and last year. Repeating this feat in 2022 could be tough, but if the Cowboys are to be competitive this season, it seems imperative. His completion might drop a bit this year due to a lack of experience with his corps, but the Elite Year is a must from QB1.