3 Reasons why Cleveland won the 2022 World Championship

The Cleveland Guardians will win the World Championship!

The odds of Cleveland winning it all in 2022 may seem slim. After all, teams like the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros stand in their way in the MLS. And even if the Guardians power through the AL, they may have to take on the NL’s Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Mets for the World Championship.

But can the Cleveland Guardians beat the odds and weather the 70-year World Championship drought? Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why The Guardians will win the whole title in 2022.

Pitching, pitching, and more promotion

The Guardians have been dubbed the “Cleveland Pitching Factor” for a reason. This promotional organization develops at an elite rate. It extends to rotation and bull.

Shane Bieber leads the starting team. The AL Cy Young 2020 ERA winner has less than 3 years of age and is enjoying another successful campaign in 2022. Bieber’s pitches were his bread and butter and helped him weather the regression at speed.

Triston Mackenzie is in the midst of a breakout season. He still loses control of the hit zone from time to time, but he’s one of the best shooters in the game when he hits his positions. Cal Quantrill was the X factor in Cleveland’s spin.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Klass is arguably the best player closer to MLB. Its ERA is at 1’s and its 100 MPH cutout is nearly unrepeatable. James Karinchak had electric as the initial setup option for the Guardians. The rest of the bulls were also impressed.

The Guardians show will give Cleveland a chance to shock the MLB world during the post-season.

The dynamic duo of Guardians

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the only threat in the Cleveland squad is Jose Ramirez. But this is a very disrespectful feeling towards Andres Jimenez. Jimenez leads the Guardians in WAR and has been the All-Star this season. His batting average has hovered around 0.300 all season and he has a sneaky power.

Jose Ramirez has a fellow attacking star and his name is Andres Jimenez.

In addition, Gimenez plays a high-quality second base. He’s had a number of defensive accomplishments this season and will be in the running for the AL Gold Glove in second base.

Jose Ramirez continues to shred the baseball cap. It’s an RBI machine in every sense of the word, powerful and fast.

Ramirez and Jimenez’s consistency will go a long way through the Cleveland World Series.

Cleveland does not hit

The Cleveland Guardians don’t hit much. In fact, they have the fewest offensive strikes in the game, per ESPN. As of this story’s publication, the Guardians had just over 1,000 total strikes per year. For reference, the Los Angeles Angels lead the league in hits with a figure of over 1,400.

The Guardians lineup consists of connected hitters who put the ball into play. Cleveland’s captain in 2022 is Franmel Reyes… who was he Assigned to the task more than a month ago.

Cleveland’s ability to put the ball into play keeps opponents’ defenses always on their toes. Teams tend to make quite a few fouls and mistakes when facing Guardians because they don’t hit very often. In today’s game dominated by attacking hits and home runs, Cleveland’s contact-first approach is what sets them apart.

And that may be what drove them to win the 2022 World Championship.