3 bets for Shane McClanahan, Adam Wainwright and Austin Riley

Tuesday is a jam-packed baseball slate, which is a perfect time considering there’s no football tonight.

If you’re looking for some extra value on tonight’s card, check out these MLB player gadgets with our Action Labs predictions.

our Work factor props tool Each item scores on a scale from 1 to 10, and I’ll be sure to include the score for each of my betting recommendations in my discussions below.

Shane McClanahan Over 4.5 Strike Out (-150)

Astros @ rays
the first show 6:40 PM ET
best line BetMGM

It looks like Shane McClanahan might still be limited, considering he only made 69 throws in his first start of his stint in IL. But its ceiling should be a little higher today (maybe 75-80 tones) and that line is simply too low.

Our predictions say McClanahan will come out at 6.2 tonight, while FanGraphs SaberSim’s forecast puts it at 5.7.

McClanahan always cashes in that number. He’s hit no fewer than five of 22 out of 25 starters this season. That includes all three starts in which he finished between 60 and 80 pitches.

The Astros is a hard attack and one of the most disciplined as well. But McClanahan took on a similarly tough lineup in Toronto five days ago and hit five in just 69 pitches.

McClanahan ranks above the 95th in both his swing hit rate (16.3%) and CSW average (33.9%) this season. Trust his abilities and don’t be swayed by the possibility of field counting or opposing attack.

picking Over 4.5K (-160)

Working coefficient degree: 9/10

Adam Wainwright Over 3.5 Strike Out (+105)

basics @ parents
the first show 9:40 PM ET
best line kings

I’m constantly betting Adam Wainwright’s strike exceeds. His stuff isn’t what it used to be, but he always gives the cardinals just enough length to cash his numbers.

I’m not sure why his number went down to 3.5 for this start. The Padres are not the most disciplined, ranking 18th in strike rate during the second half (21.4%). Moreover, Padres only has 90 WRC+ Over the past month.

Additionally, Waino made 10 cheers over seven rounds the last time he faced the Padres.

Wainwright is the best at collecting strikes. While he has one of the lowest swing stroke rates (6.7%) in the league, he is also above average in CSW (28.1%).

Plus, he can still force puffs with his rainbow ball.

Our Action Labs Player Props project Wainwright at 4.7 beats tonight, while FanGraphs SaberSim forecasts it at 4.4.

However, we are betting over 3.5 Ks in extra money.

picking Over 3.5 kilos (+105)

Working coefficient degree: 10/10

Austin Riley over 1.5 total bases (-125)

Citizens @ brave
the first show 7:20 PM ET
best line kings

Maybe you’re looking for a way to fade Patrick Corbin tonight. You can bet on Braves RL, Braves TT or more than 8.5.

Or you can bet on some hot bats from Braves. There are four men in particular that you can target in the beating markets tonight:

  • Orlando Archia
  • Marcel Ozuna
  • Dansby Swanson
  • Austin Riley

All four have eight life strikes against Corbin. But my favorite guy is Riley.

Everyone is aware of the season that Riley is in MVP caliber. It has become one of the best bats in baseball, currently sitting with 5.4 fWAR and 146 wRC+. He’s made a whopping 37 home runs and is close to 40.

Against Corbin, Riley is an 8-for-27 for life with three pairs and two runs on their turf. But it’s due to some extra incline considering the racquetball stats, averaging 91.2 mph. Exit speed and average 18.6 degrees. The launch angle against the Corbin produces 0.317 xBA and 0.699 xSLG.

Additionally, Riley loves to play for the national team. Riley cashes his base pillar in nine of his 14 matches against him WashingtonCollect 45 ridiculous rules in those games. He abused the alternation of citizens and boulpins in 2022.

If Riley doesn’t cash this in on Patrick Corbin’s body, there’s a good chance he’s going to cash in on a terrifying national horror game on Tuesday.

picking More than 1.5 TB (+105)

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