2023 NFL Draft: College Football Recap, Week 3

The third week of the college football season didn’t bring many surprises to the table in terms of turbulence. The most exciting game of the weekend was a match between ESPN’s College Gameday where the Appalachian State beat Troy on the Hail Mary bell racket and Syracuse’s thrilling win over Purdue over time in the game. 10th-ranked Arkansas had to come up against the Missouri State team coached by Bobby Petrino. And No. 18 in Florida got a panicked USF that the Bulls ended up failing at the end of the game. There is a lot to discuss regarding the high odds performance and more from this past weekend.

WR Rashee Rice Runs Wild for SMU

Rice looked like the best on the field in a game between the excellent receivers on Saturday when he faced SMU Maryland in Washington, DC. 11 receptions with an area of ​​193 yards. Rice’s explosion as a player was already known for his ability to enter the season with a lot of control over his body, but displaying his control over his body is a special trait to flash in 2022. It’s still early in the season, but Rice deserves consideration for the legitimate Biletnikoff Award for his performance so far. . The rice should be firm in the mix as a first-round possibility as the season begins.

One Playmaker Surprises Syracuse – WR Charlie Jones (Purdue)

Syracuse quietly have several NFL defensive prospects on their squad, including linebacker Garrett Williams. The Orange defense chose to have Williams lined up in Charlie Jones’ move to Iowa in the men’s coverage most of the afternoon.

In a rather surprising way, Jones won the fight with Williams that day. Williams got his goal, but Jones looked like a faster and more explosive prospect in that game on Saturday afternoon. Jones got his start at college in Buffalo where he emerged as a major threat in 2018 to the Bulls as a rookie. After that season, he moved to Iowa where his role never materialized in a very stagnant style of abusing the Hawkeyes. A recent transfer of the player in Year 6 proved worthwhile as he stored most of his yards and touchdowns in a season with just three games.

Jones is living proof of why the transfer gate can work in college football – he found the opportunity he was looking for in an offense that suits him. Jones has a legit blast and ball tracking in the position. Jones moved from the unknown to the well-established on the map quickly.

RB Achane Keeping A&M Alive – Devon Achane (Texas A&M)

Devon Achan is one of the best joggers in the country. He may not be the best cavalier in this category (that title belongs to Bejan Robinson of Texas), but Achane is definitely the fastest in 2023 NFL Project Class.

It’s no secret in the world of college football that Texas A&M’s offense seemed lifeless to start the 2022 season. It was a rush hour against Miami on Saturday night, with almost no passing game to speak of. The Aggies put in just 264 total offense yards for the night with Achane accounting for 130 of those yards (88 rushing, 42 receiving). Devon Achane has made his college debut and is making big money.

Bonus: LB Pappoe Pops Penn State QB – Owen Pappoe (Auburn)

Auburn didn’t have a great performance for their program on the field against Penn State, but one game was about the national highlight reels on Saturday afternoon when Penn State quarterback Owen Papuei smoked Sean Clifford on his first drive for the game.

Pappoe played in just five games in 2021, but he’s an entry machine for the Tigers with required athleticism plus the power you’ll see explode on screen with a punch this weekend. He’s as young as the fourth year and could be Senior Paul Eligible for a full health season in 2022.